Myths about Solar Power

Despite the news that California is now requiring that all new homes built by the year 2020 use solar power due to its many benefits, many myths are still out there that people believe. These myths cause people to miss out on some of the many benefits that solar power offers. Don’t include yourself in this category anymore. Read below to learn more about the myths of solar power and let the truth set you free.

Myth One: Solar Panels Don’t Work When it is Cold

It is a myth that solar power does not provide energy when it is cold outside. We all know that New Jersey’s winters can be extreme and you certainly don’t want to freeze during these cold months. But, rest assured that solar power works no matter what the temperatures outside might be.

Myth Two: Wait to Install

solar panels new jersey

There are many reasons why people give to wait to install solar power and solar panels new jersey at their home. Some say that it will get better in time, which it will, but that’s only one of the reasons people list. Don’t be one of these people because if you miss out on solar power for just one day, itis an extreme loss.

Myth Three: Solar Power is Too Expensive

Costs to install solar power at your home vary from one size system to another. However, when the rebates and incentives are factored in with other deals, you can get solar power installed at very low rates that won’t hurt the budget.

Myth Four:  Solar Panels are Unattractive

There are many options to install solar panel on the home. These options allow you to create a look that flatters the home rather than takes away from its aesthetic appeal and beauty. They’re certainly far from unattractive and make a great addition to any home.